Canadian fuel retailer leverages innovative cloud platform to stay ahead of the competition

Canadian fuel retailer leverages innovative cloud platform to stay ahead of the competition

In the second half of 2021, Cloudics, a cloud-based platform for energy station management and payments, entered the 9th largest economy in the world.

A white-label solution was established with local Canadian brand Rezzo to offer the Cloudics platform for energy stations in Canada. In just a matter of months since its market debut, Canadian RL Energies, became the first company to utilise the innovative platform.

Thanks to cloud technologies, RL Energies has become one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the Canadian fuel retail market, utilising intelligent features to improve the customer experience.

RL Énergies: “We were seeking the next-generation platform.”

RL Énergies is a Canadian company working in the field of petroleum products distribution since 1970. It is one of Quebec’s six largest independent distributors of petroleum products today, with multiple fuel stations all over Quebec.

In the preceding eight years, RL Énergies noticed a growth in demand for OPTs in their energy stations, which drove them to seek the next generation of self-service solutions. 

Cloudics’ features were the perfect match for their requirements, paving the way for collaboration and giving birth to Rezzo powered by Cloudics.

CEO of Cloudics, Taimar Kallari: ’’The borderless possibilities of Cloudics and the forward-thinking mindset of RL Energies made cooperation possible.’’

RL Énergies representative Keven Fortin-Simard noted the importance of having a platform that can keep up with the fast market changes and adapt to new technologies.

“Our goal is to think two steps ahead to offer the solutions that will become crucial in the future.”

Maintaining low hardware and management fees is a cornerstone of RL Energies’ strategy.

Adopting Cloudics to improve operational efficiency and offer their customers a convenient mobile refilling process was essential.

Keven shared his belief that the cloud-based platform will also positively impact their company’s overall growth, allowing them to expand their network faster thanks to borderless and mobile operations.

RL Energies - Cloudics - Unmanned fuel station in Canada
The third unmanned station was opened by RL Energies in Quebec, Canada.

In less than twelve months, the cloud platform has displayed positive results in the speed of innovation, indicating its effectiveness

RL Energies and Rezzo have partnered to create three new unmanned stations that offer 100% mobile payments and a range of other advanced features.

In under a year, the Canadian fuel retailer has implemented various improvements, such as integrating the mobile payment platform with indoor terminals, creating 20 new charging points across seven energy stations in Quebec, and enabling frictionless entry and scan&pay features for customers.

Cooperation between Rezzo and RL Energies has been productive and has delivered several positive outcomes:

  1. Three new unmanned stations have been introduced, and seven additional stations are expected to be established this year.
  2. With the latest update to the Rezzo mobile app, users can now take advantage of frictionless door entry.
  3. The establishment of 20 charging points across twenty energy stations
  4. The mobile app has been enhanced with a new Scan & Pay function.
  5. Integration of mobile payments with indoor terminals, providing a seamless payment experience for customers
  6. Within the first year of launch, the Rezzo mobile app has gained a solid user base of over 2000 active users.

RL Énergies: “The integration of Rezzo into our network of stations will help our development as a whole.”

Keven from RL Énergies:” Our work will not stop here. RL Énergies will be able now to look at expanding its network while the operation of such a network will be simplified. In Canada, we are expecting up to 100 additional fuel stations in the upcoming years.”

Keven Fortin-Simard, a representative of RL Énergies, expressed satisfaction with the progress made so far and is optimistic about the future.

“We are looking forward to integrating new possibilities to the existing services through Rezzo and bringing self-service stations to another level in the near future, which we believe is a bright one.”

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