Cloudics Mobile Payment Application - Fuel, Charge, Park, Wash.


Start refuelling, EV charging and car wash, scan products, and pre-order – all in one intuitive mobile payment app.



With Cloudics, you can pay for your products quickly, conveniently and safely on your smartphone without waiting in line.


Cloudics app allows you to go through the shopping process contact-free, without the help of cashiers and point of sale.


Cloudics virtualises all bank, discount and payment cards and receipts, which removes the necessity for plastic cards and printer paper.


4-in-1: With Cloudics, you can pre-order products, pay for goods, start a car wash, refuel petrol or gas and charge your vehicle.


Start refuelling from your mobile

With Cloudics, refuelling can be started with just a few taps on the screen. Identify the location by choosing the number of the pump or scanning the QR code.

The customer discounts apply if your customer card information has been previously added to the app. All refuelling data is saved in the app, and you can review, download or share the receipts.

Cloudics can be used in all of our partners’ stations marked with the Cloudics logo.


EV charging

Cloudics mobile app offers a convenient, fast and eco-friendly charging experience. All the necessary steps to start EV charging can be done on your smartphone.

Get directions to the nearest charging station, identify the location via number plate recognition, device location or QR code and start charging.

You will get real-time information about capacity, time, and amount spent when charging. After the charging is finished, a notification is sent to your phone, and the receipt will be displayed. You can review, download or share the receipts.

With the app, you can charge your electric vehicle in all of our partners’ stations that are marked with the Cloudics logo.

Car wash

Fast and convenient
car wash

Start washing your car fast and conveniently from your smartphone. Choose your preferred service or program, pay for it contact-free and start washing!

With Cloudics, you get directions to the closest car wash, identify the location via number plate recognition, device location or QR code and start washing without leaving the car.

After the wash cycle is finished, a notification will be sent to your phone, and the receipt will be displayed, which can be viewed, downloaded or shared.

Car wash service can be used in all of our partners’ stations that are marked with the Cloudics logo.


Scan and pay
with mobile

With Cloudics, you can scan the desired products, create a shopping cart and pay for them on your phone. If customer card information has been added to the app, the customer discounts will automatically apply.

After the shopping process is finished, the transaction information and receipts are saved in the app, where they can be downloaded or forwarded conveniently.

Cloudics shopping module can be used in all the stores that are marked with the Cloudics logo.



With Cloudics, you can conveniently pre-order products. Choose your preferred merchant, add products to the cart, choose your preferred delivery time and method, and pay fast and conveniently on your mobile.

In the app, you can see the order status and if you have customer card information added to the app, the customer card discounts will automatically apply. Purchase history and receipts are automatically saved in the app.

The pre-ordering module can be used in all the stores that are marked with the Cloudics logo.

For business

Cloudics is an innovative cloud-based management and payment platform for energy stations and retailers. The platform has been created for faster, more convenient and eco-friendly management of customers, payments and other processes. You can offer the next generation self-service and payment solutions, complement your infrastructure with EV charging and automate the operations of your energy station or car wash.


On the map, you will find all the partners that have joined the Cloudics network and the available services in each location. To use Cloudics mobile application, make sure that the location is marked with the Cloudics logo or appears on the screen after verifying the location.

The global network of Cloudics is expanding day by day. Cloudics mobile payment can be used in more than



car washes

charging points

The latest news

Important updates, necessary knowledge and useful tips. Stay up to date with Cloudics!

  • Transforming Fuel Stations into Energy Hubs with Cloudics
    While big energy retailers can afford to trial and error new innovations and shifts to business operations, small and medium retailers struggle to make ends meet with changing fuel margin dynamics in an ever-changing world. Cloudics aims to resolve those challenges without investing in new on-site technology.
  • Ad-hoc payments regulation for EV: Cloudics eOPT
    A lot has already been said about the new Ad-hoc payment regulations coming into force around EVs. Designed to address many issues, including ease of access for users of low-cost EVs and the lack of transparency in subscription payments, the new rules mandate access to a credit card or contactless payment device without the need for subscriptions.
  • The Next Generation of App
    Over the past decade, the sudden influx and growth of smartphone usage has forced a response from the retail industry.  However, for the Fuel and Convenience sector, we have seen a more cautious approach. On the whole, it is largely due to regulation and the use mobile phones on the forecourt, but as phone safety has improved, regulations have begun to adapt.

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Download the app