FAQ - Cloudics


What is Cloudics app?

Cloudics app is a mobile application that consists of the following modules:

  • Refueling – start refueling and pay for fuel on Cloudics app in the stations that have joined Cloudics
  • EV-charging – start charging and pay for it on Cloudics app in the stations that have joined Cloudics
  • Pre-ordering – pre-order products from the merchants that have joined Cloudics and pay for them on Cloudics app
  • Store – self-scan the products in the stores of the merchants who have joined Cloudics and pay for them on Cloudics app

Where can I use Cloudics app?

Cloudics app can be used in all of our partners’ energy stations and stores that are marked with Cloudics logo. Availability of Cloudics app modules may vary by location and partner. See the map on https://cloudics.com.

How can I use Cloudics app?

If you want to refuel, charge, pre-order or self-scan using Cloudics app, download the app, create a user and add a valid payment method to the application. You can start using the app right away! Cloudics application is available in the App Store and Google Play!

Which cards can I add to Cloudics app?

Cloudics app accepts different credit cards (such as Mastercard and Visa), payment cards and partners’ discount cards.

Is Cloudics app safe to use?

We aim to make our application as secure for the users as possible. We use reliable payment providers and protect payment processes and your personal data using a special PIN-code you can choose for yourself. All your personal data is encrypted.

What happens if I lose my device?

In case you have lost your device, you can log out on all the devices at once here. This provides that nobody else can use your account. Once you log back in, you can continue using Cloudics.

Why does Cloudics app require device’s location permission?

In order to provide refueling, EV charging and shopping functions, we need to ensure that the user is at the correct Cloudics location (station or store where Cloudics can be used). The most convenient way to identify yourself is to use location detection. If location detection is not enabled, it is possible to identify yourself by scanning the QR code at the pump or store. Cloudics app does not track or use the user’s location for any other purpose.

Why does Cloudics app require device’s storage permission?

Storage permission is needed to save the receipts on your device. If you don’t need to save your receipts, you can disable storage permission for Cloudics app.

Why does Cloudics app require device’s camera permission?

Camera is needed when:
1. you wish to identify yourself at a Cloudics station through a QR-code;
2. you wish to use the “Store” module to scan barcodes in the store.
Your camera is not used in any other situation.

Why does Cloudics app require device’s notification permission?

Notification permission is important for Cloudics app to work properly. When you start fueling or charging, the dispenser or connector will communicate with your device through silent notifications (e.g. to let the application know that you have finished fueling/charging). When you use the pre-ordering function, then it is possible to get information about your order status via the notifications (e.g. order is confirmed, rejected, ready). If you disable notifications for Cloudics app, the application may not work correctly.

What is Additional PIN security in my Settings for?

Additional PIN security allows you to choose if you wish the fueling process to be protected with your custom PIN. We recommend you choose this option, but if your device is already protected with PIN code or fingerprint, you might want to disable this setting in favour of convenience.

Where can I see my receipts?

The receipts are saved to the app after every transaction. They can be viewed by choosing “Receipts” on Cloudics home page. The receipts are divided by modules and can be viewed, downloaded (if the device’s storage permission is enabled) and forwarded via e-mail.


How do I know that the merchant has received my order?

When the order is placed, it will be registered in the merchant’s software. Once an attendant has seen and confirmed it, the user will see a notification (if the notifications are enabled) and the view of the order in the app changes.

The merchant rejected my order, how can I get my money back?

If the merchant rejects the order, the user will be refunded the purchase amount according to the Cloudics app Terms of Use.

How can I cancel my order?

Once the order has been placed, it cannot be canceled from the Cloudics app. To cancel, it is possible to contact the merchant directly via phone. Cancellation conditions may also be described in the merchant’s terms of use. You can find the terms and conditions on the merchant’s website.


Why does Cloudics app not find the product?

When you get the notification “Unknown barcode” after scanning a product, then the product is not entered into the merchant’s software. In this case, turn to the store attendant.

The product does not have a barcode. How can I buy it with Cloudics app?

With Cloudics app you can only buy the products that have a barcode. To buy products without a barcode turn to the store attendant.

Why I cannot see the discounted price of a product?

You can see the discounted price of the products after scanning them, if you have added an applicable discount card to Cloudics app and it is activated before scanning. The discount card must be valid and the merchant must have a valid discount on the goods. You can manage your discount cards in the “Cards” view by choosing “Discount Card”.