Introducing Cloudics Scan & Pay at Hyvi Hotels in Canada

Hyvi Hotels, facing the challenges of personnel shortages and declining customer satisfaction, has embraced a Cloudics Scan & Pay shopping solution. With our shopping platform and Cloudics’ white-label Rezzo mobile app featuring scan and pay functionalities, Hyvi Hotels’ convenience corners are now accessible 24/7, offering guests a seamless shopping experience.

Identifying the Problem

Hyvi Hotels operate as hybrid hotels with minimal employees and no reception.

They were looking for a solution to provide autonomy to their guests while using the barista and prêt-à-manger area of the hotel.

The operational challenge of manually requiring staff to process payments at the barista section resulted in minimal profits from these services. Additionally, guests experienced inconvenience due to queues at the reception/cashier desk, impacting overall satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Solution

Intuitive use was paramount. The solution needed to be user-friendly for both customers – facilitating easy sign-up and daily app interaction – and employees – simplifying inventory updates.

Hyvi Hotels decided to leverage Rezzo, the Cloudics white-label platform in Canada, because they already used Cloudics services in their energy division and were very satisfied with the technology.

This made it a natural fit for the hospitalité division as well.

Implementation Steps

  1. Product Setup: A list of items available in the barista area, along with prices and bar codes, was created and loaded into the shopping platform.
  2. App Integration: A customer journey was created to show how to download and use the application, along with signage with the QR codes to begin the shopping process.

Overcoming Challenges

In Canada, the bar codes of certain commercial items were not always aligned with European standards, and the currency differences posed challenges.

These issues were addressed with the help of the Cloudics technical team, and the solution was launched in time.

How Scan & Pay Works

  1. Product Setup: Web Manager allows easy insertion of products into the platform.
  2. App Download: Guests download the app onto their smartphones.
  3. Scan and Pay: Using the app, customers can effortlessly scan products and make payments on the go.

Business Impact

The implementation of the Cloudics Scan & Pay solution has transformed Hyvi Hotels’ barista counters into a 24/7 operational service without the need for on-site staff.

This has enhanced efficiency and profitability.

Moreover, customer satisfaction has improved due to the convenience of round-the-clock access to their services.

Future Prospects for Hyvi Hotels

By integrating Cloudics Scan & Pay, Hyvi Hotels has set a new standard for guest autonomy and operational efficiency. Hyvi Hotels is now looking forward to its first establishment outside the region. The project includes the construction of a brand new resort and tourist complex.

We thank Hyvi Hotels for their cooperation and wish them continued success in their future endeavours.

Cloudics shopping platform

Cloudics is an innovative cloud-based shopping platform for forward-thinking merchants.

You can turn any store into a frictionless self-service establishment, improve resource and inventory management, and enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Learn more about Cloudics shopping platform here or watch a quick video.

What is Rezzo?

Cloudics white-label platform Rezzo was established in the Canadian market in the second half of 2021. Rezzo is a software platform for energy stations that includes convenience shopping functionalities, EV charging, and frictionless entrance.

Rezzo covers all energy station profit areas and offers customers a holistic mobile payment application.

Learn more about Rezzo here.

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