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Transforming Fuel Stations into Energy Hubs with Cloudics

While big energy retailers can afford to trial and error new innovations and shifts to business operations, small and medium retailers struggle to make ends meet with changing fuel margin dynamics in an ever-changing world. Cloudics aims to resolve those challenges without investing in new on-site technology.

The Cloudics platform enables retailers to turn out-of-date fuel stations into holistic energy hubs at a pace of their choosing.

By integrating operations across self-service convenience, EV charging, fuelling, and car wash services into a central cloud-based platform, retailers can select how they wish to adapt their business to changing demands.

Thanks to Cloudics, we can convert legacy equipment into cloud-driven IoT devices. This means your customer reach and upsell options grow exponentially, but it also prolongs the lifespan of legacy equipment.

At Uniti Expo 2024 in Hall 5, Booth D61, we are excited to demonstrate how our software and hardware solutions contribute to a connected energy station ecosystem.

Central to energy stations, convenience retail demands reliable 24/7 operations

A lot has been said about frictionless technologies for hopping, and whilst retailers are looking at ways to simplify this business and relieve staffing issues, we are all aware of the news around just-walkout technologies and their failures.

Cloudics shopping is going back to the root of the problem to help enable unmanned operations or 24/7 operations during off-peak hours.

Our frictionless entry/exit solution is already in use today, but rather than using the expense and unproven AI technologies to track sales, we leverage self-checkout or mobile scan and pay.

In addition, with our new radar-based security, we can track customer behaviour in-store and warn retailers to check camera systems for spurious behaviour.

World-first established Cloud FCC

Our innovative cloud-based forecourt controller already empowers fuel retailers to effortlessly connect station equipment and devices to the cloud.

It has been in use for over five years and is still going strong. With the constant addition of new dispensers, our solution is ready to go for markets worldwide, and we are now entering new markets in Asia.

With Cloudics FCC, all the forecourt equipment (dispensers, wetstock, price displays, car wash—all become IoT devices) can be managed from the cloud, enabling instant access to control and manage all your station devices remotely without being on-site.

Cloud-based Forecourt Controller reduces operational costs by a huge margin, centralising control and management of the forecourt in a way that cannot be achieved with a physical device. It also simplifies fuel bunkering, keeping a real-time view of B2B tanks and containers at non-public locations.

Charging into the future

In response to the growing demand for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, we proudly present our newly developed eOPT specifically for EV charging.

It has been integrated with our all-in-one mobile payment app and a versatile Charging Station Management System (CSMS) supporting over 30 charger manufacturers.

Cloudics platform for EV charging is a low-cost way to quickly fulfil payment regulations for the EU and bring additional services to the OPT, such as car washes, parking, vacuum cleaners, vending machines and more.

Read more about Cloudics for EV charging here.

All-in-one mobile app

Whilst many retailers have invested in an app over the past decade, it is now becoming increasingly clear that just like a POS solution, customer apps require investment and planning.

The Cloudics app consolidates all aspects of the energy retail experience, from EV charging and frictionless entry to fueling, subscription-based services, shopping, food, engaging gamification features, and so much more.

Come talk to us about how you can use the app to surprise and delight your customers, driving increased revenue and converting fuel-only customers to loyal shoppers.

About Cloudics

Cloudics stands at the forefront, driving innovation as the energy landscape shifts. Our focus is ensuring retailers are ready for the next generation of fuel and convenience retail, no matter which direction the industry goes.

At Uniti Expo 2024, we will be unveiling current and latest innovations, with the goal of transforming fuel stations into comprehensive energy hubs, without the huge expense of equipment upgrades.

Global reach and borderless possibilities

Our journey spans over 26 years, during which we have achieved significant milestones, including deploying our platform and solutions across multiple regions such as Canada, the Baltics, the EU, and Georgia.

With over 550 stations operating on our platform and more than 200,000 users worldwide, our global footprint is a testament to our expertise and the trust placed in us by our partners.

We invite you to experience the future of fuel retail firsthand at Uniti Expo 2024, Hall 5, Booth D61.

Let’s embark on this journey towards a more efficient, sustainable, and consumer-friendly energy landscape.

Regarding any questions, contact us:
+372 628 0000

Future of Energy Stations

Cloudics team is on the road to NACS 2023

In around two weeks, the Cloudics team is on the road again, and this time it’s big one. NACS 2023 in Atlanta offers to be the biggest convenience retail focused event in the world, and Cloudics will be there on stand.

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