Ad-hoc payments regulation for EV: Cloudics eOPT

A lot has already been said about the new Ad-hoc payment regulations coming into force around EVs. Designed to address many issues, including ease of access for users of low-cost EVs and the lack of transparency in subscription payments, the new rules mandate access to a credit card or contactless payment device without the need for subscriptions.

With the new directive already in place within the EU and similar initiatives underway in the UK and the US, such as the NEVI program, the landscape of EV charging is set for a substantial shift.

These regulations must be integrated into national laws, and they are not just bureaucratic changes but pivotal moves towards more user-friendly and transparent EV charging.

What does this mean for operators?

For operators, this translates into a significant investment in infrastructure.

The mandate for accessible credit card or contactless payment options at charging stations means operators must install PINpads at each charger or adopt a more integrated hardware solution to manage multiple chargers.

This is where Cloudics steps in with an innovative and cost-effective answer: the eOPT.

Designed to be a low-cost, asset-light solution, the Cloudics eOPT is revolutionary in its simplicity.

Leveraging the proven Cloudics Platform, all the business intelligence for the eOPT sits in the cloud, meaning that the only critical hardware is the PINpad.

Cloudics leverages the open areas of the PINpad payment flow to place charger control screens, meaning customers can select a charger and pay from the screen itself.

The Cloudics eOPT extends its benefits beyond simple payment flow

Utilising the existing Cloudics CPMS, customers will also be informed about the cost of parking or service on the display for each charger, so they know in advance how much per KW and per minute they will pay. 

For retailers and operators, the Cloudics solution offers an additional advantage: it only stops charging fees for parking when the charger is disconnected, not merely when the charging is complete.

But that’s not all.

Versatile customer journeys thanks to a floating basket

Thanks to the fact that the Cloudics Platform has a free-forming floating basket, that customer journey flow can be used for pretty much any purpose.

This means that from a single transaction, customers can charge their car, book a car wash, order food and drink, and even update their loyalty status.

This flexibility, coupled with the ability to continue transactions on any Cloudics-connected device, be it mobile, self-checkout, or point-of-sale, redefines convenience in EV charging.

A step further with Cloudics FCC

We take integration a step further with our unique Cloud-based Forecourt Controller.

Download the PDF here.

This innovation allows for seamless visibility and control of chargers directly from the Point of Sale (POS) system.

But the integration doesn’t end there; the eOPT also enables the selection of fuel pumps via its interface, offering a unified solution for various forecourt services.

This level of integration positions the Cloudics eOPT as a highly versatile and efficient option for retailers, providing a low-cost, low-maintenance OPT alternative.

Compared to mainstream OPTs in the market, the eOPT stands out for its affordability and ease of service, making it an attractive choice for retailers looking to upgrade their EV charging infrastructure.

Cloudics forecourt controller

Cloudics eOPT is not just a response to the changing regulatory landscape; it’s a forward-thinking solution.

Cloudics eOPT will be ready to install in early Q1 2024 and will be a game changer for the industry. You will no longer need to be concerned about installing a PINpad on every charger, nor will you need to worry about how to monetise your chargers.

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