ReFuelForum Europe 2022

Cloudics is going to ReFuelForum Europe 2022

Cloudics’ team is on their way to Lisbon, Portugal for a networking event ReFuelForum Europe 2022. The event connects leading fuel retailers across Europe with a wide range of product and solution providers.

ReFuelForum Europe 2022

ReFuelForum Europe 2022 will be taking place 13-14 June 2022, at The Oitavos in Cascais, Portugal.

It is a networking event that consists of pre-matched one-to-one meetings, conference discussions and informal networking opportunites.

ReFuelForum is a great opportunity to find project partners, solve your project challenges and influence industry development.

The Oitavos, Portugal
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Cloudics is charging into the future

Our main focus at the event is to introduce Cloudics EV charging possibilities. Cloudics allows you to manage all the electric vehicle charging points through a cloud-based charging station management system (CSMS).

Get a complete overview of the charging network

☁️ Intelligent data – includes all information about the daily use of your charging stations

☁️ Monitor and manage – individual charging station to log data to your customer’s information

☁️ Easy control – detailed information by stations about tanks statistics and transactions

☁️ Easy integration – our cloud platform is compatible with most common charging stations all over Europe

☁️ Customer data – link end-user profiles to the data from your charging infrastructure

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Unique Cloudics concept – how does it work?

Cloudics is the fastest way of setting up your energy station, whether it is electricity, gas or petrol.

EV charging

We have created a web-based data-driven platform that is connected to the station’s ecosystem.


Refilling is faster, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than ever before.


Cloudics enables to control all the energy station devices through a cloud-based forecourt controller (FCC).

Astro Baltics

Astro Baltics is a Northern European company located in the heart of Estonia that has been operating since 1998.

We are the leading energy station software and hardware developers in the region. We offer a full range of IT solutions that include intelligent and unique payment systems, enterprise resource planning and flexible cloud-based software.

Learn more about Astro Baltics here.

Astro Baltics is a Northern European company located in the heart of Estonia that has been operating since 1998.

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